Homemade Cheezits

I am thrilled to be starting a blog of my own. I love looking at blogs, but I decided to share some of my experiences as well. They may include food experiments or occasionally a diy project. I love cheese and chocolate, and, well, I just love food in general. Please join me on my journeys! For today, I wanted to post some homemade Cheezits. Hee are a few reasons to make them:
     1. These Cheezits taste like cheese straws but in cracker form.
     2. They are easy to make.
     3. They are crazy addictive. (Is that a good reason??)
     4. They are crispy and flaky.
     5. They are fun to make!




Oh, and one more reason:
     6. They have an added umph (yes, of course, that’s a word) due to the inclusion of jalapeños!!

Are you excited yet! If not, make them and then see if your not excited like me…
So for the recipe, I slightly adapted this recipe from Inspired By Charm. Check it out~ http://www.inspiredbycharm.com/2013/08/cheddar-and-jalapeno-cheese-crackers.html


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